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silva methodYou may have heard how powerful Jose Silva's training seminars are. But since you still need to expereince it, you may want to know what happens in Silva UltraMind classes that makes them so much more benifitial.

To give you an idea, here is a brief outline of Silva UltraMind ESP training

The Silva UltraMind training consists of informative discussions, guided Silva exercises that take you into deep (alpha & theta) levels of mind, and group activities where you practice your new found ESP skills.

Your instructors will share with you experiences and skills to give you an in depth understanding and powerful life changingexperience.

Duration of seminar is 16 hours, spread over 2 full days. Class begins at 10 am and finishes around 7 pm, on a Saturday and Sunday.

What happens on Day 1:

Jose SilvaFirst you get the back ground information as an introduction to Jose Silva's research.

You will learn...

  • How your brain develops and works
  • The different levels of mind
  • Uses and benefits of operating at each level.
  • How your brain was programmed in early years of your life
  • How you can reprogram your brain.

Your instructor will then guide you through the first Silva exercise where you will experience the alpha level of  mind.

Although everyone experiences it differently, for most people this is a profoundly relaxing experience

silvaultramindFollowing the exercise you will discover your mental screen, and learn the MentalVideo Technique: an amazing technique you can use to get guidance from Higher Intelligence to better help you make important decisions in areas of health, relationships,and business

Next, you will learn meta physical laws of success and Jose Silva's principles of programming, visualization and using your intuition

You are now guided through a the first projection exercise, designed to enhance your imagination and visualization.


"I've used the Silva Method for many years. It has helped me overcome my own illnesses. I urge you to attend Mr. Silva's training sessions that are presented around the world."~ Dr. Wayne Dwyer, motivational speaker, author.

You go to Alpha level once again and project your awareness into your home and exercise your imagination as you make a mental survey of your house. Next, you will practice using the MentalVideo technique for correcting health issues. Your instructor will now provide several pieces of metals, which you will study and observe using your physical senses. 

By now you are ready to experience deeper levels of your mind, the THETAlevel. You will practice mentally  projecting yourself into metals at a molecularstructure and sense information within metals.

This powerful exercise enhances your ability to use your imagination andvisualization and maintain your awareness at deeper levels of your mind. 

The next experience is Psychometry, which is so amazing for most people that they tend to not believe how much they have already learned and it's only day one.

silvaYou will get into groups with other classmates and your partner will hand you an object that belongs to him, you will then attempt to describe his/her home, what it is like, people living there, furniture, surrounding etc. you will feel as if you are making it up, amazingly you will be correct! 

The day ends with one final centering exercise. You find yourself reaching the deeper levels faster and easier each time  you practice and your concentration getting stronger.

What happens on Day 2:

You now experience projecting your mind from non living to living things. In deep THETAlevel of mind, you will  mentally project yourself in to plants and trees. This is a unique experience or most people as they realize  how much is possible.

Next your instructor will guide you through Silva centering exercise and you will find yourself reaching the THETA level of mind even faster than before, your concentration gets even stronger.

By this time you find you are ready to project your mind in to an advanced living creature, the animals. This is one of  the most fun exercises and people are quite amazed at what they are able to do with their mind.

You now learn the second Silva UltraMind Technique -  the 3 ScenesTechnique. 

This is technique is used for manifesting coincidence, healing, kickinghabits,  or attracting things into your life. 

You will learn the difference between the two techniques andunderstand their various applications.

The final centering exercise is now performed. At this point you are able to reach the alpha level even more quickly with a lot moreconcentration.

You now perform the final exercise for the seminar - projection into a living human. You project your awareness into a loved one and learn how to detect abnormalities as well as how to provide mental healing.

You will learn the technique to detect information from others people's mind by wearing their heads over your own 'like a helmet'. This is a very profound experience. 

silvaYou are now ready for the most amazingly powerful experience of your ESP, as you demonstrate what your trained mind can do. You get into a group with one of your class mates. Facing your partner, you will go into the Alpha level. Your partner will then give you the name, age and location of someone unknown to you.

You will attempt to bring this person into your mind and describe their emotions, physical state, and life.

It will feel like you're guessing; making things up - but then the remarkable happens. The things you describe turn out to be true. You experience power of your own mind and intuitive abilities.

During the course, everyone will have the opportunity to test their ESP on at least 10 problem cases. By then you will know, you have developed your ESP and you can use it at will.

As they say, "you can not learn to swim by reading about it, you must get in side the water" to truly experience the power of your mind, your ESP, remote viewing and remote influencing abilities join Silva UltraMind ESP System training.

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