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Thank you for visiting my Silva UltraMind Pakistan, web site. You are visiting this web site means you are interested in learning how to use more of your mind, develop your ESP and make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Here you will discover opportunities to get world # 1 Silva UltraMind ESP training as well as how you can be a world recognized Silva UltraMind instructor. 

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 Kamran Sultan teaching Silva UM Class
Kamran Sultan
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Silva UltraMind International, Inc. (USA)
What is Silva UltraMind ESP Systems Training?
Silva UltraMind Training system is a powerful training program designed to teach you how to tap into the unlimited powers of your unconscious mind and how to use them consciously. Based on over 55 years of scientific research, Silva UltraMind training enables anyone to obtain deeper healthier levels of mind, manage stress, develop focus and operate from the optimum performance state of mind. Thus one is able to make better decisions and get better results in every area of his/her life.
JoseSilvaMr. Jose Silva - the undisputed pioneer in the field of mind sciences - began his research into the mind and human potential in 1944. 

After 22 years of research, in 1966 he established then world's # 1 mind training system, which eventually spread to more than 100 foreign countries with millions of graduates and his books sold over one million copies.

Mr. Silva was the first person to teach people to function at the alpha brain wave level, touse the right brain hemisphere to think with, and to develop and use intuition in fact most gurus in the field are Silva graduates. 

Silva techniques have been know to actually resultin empowering their practitioners in creating external circumstances or what is commonly known as manifestation of thought.

In 1997, after another 30 years of experience, like any genius, Jose Silva improved upon his old course and turned his attention to the subject that had always interested him the most: How to obtain guidance from higher intelligence, so that we can fulfill our mission in life. The result, shortly before his passing in 1999, was the Silva UltraMind ESP System.  

The Silva UltraMind ESP System trains you to use your mind to such a powerful extent that within a few days you are able to demonstrate ESP and remotely influence healing in others...for more click here


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